Business Health Check

We’re a people company first and second we are a private investment business.

Our Business Health Check is not driven by finance, rather underpinned by finance.  Dogs and Stars can make money – we’re interested in the latter.

Our Business Health Checks are necessary as part of our normal due diligence.  Even if we opt not to invest we’ll always offer you feedback.  Our process is simple.  We break the business down into 3 fundamental questions:

3 Fundamental Questions
  1. Activity – what is it that the business does at its core.  Product or Service or both?
  2. Best Value – how does the business both demand and derive best value in what it does?
  3. Continuous Improvement – how does the business regulate, govern and coach itself to ensure it’s growing.  There’s only two states in business – fail or grow.

For those of you with an eagle eye yes, it is as simple as ABC.  We don’t take a functional approach and finance is not the only measure.  We will however look at some key metrics which we refer to as strength, performance and resiliency.

Read how these 3 measures link to your financial health:

‘Your 3 best friends – financially speaking’.

And at the end of our agreed review or due diligence we’ll distill all of our findings into a one page report (well, maybe two).  And no, there won’t be a powerpoint presentation with bar graphs.

If you’d like more information on how we conduct our Business Health Check contact us here.